Saturday, 11 October 2014

Following the pre-release of my printer design, BotMaker, here is a more complete follow up, and the first section is focused on the assembly of the printer.

Here is how it looks!

The following images consist on the assembly guides version 1.0.

****Edit**** I´ve just realize that we only use one extrusions in the bottom midle, and not two like the previous render showed. There is only space for one!

Note that there are 3 holes on the top cover - that's where I attached my electronics. In this case a ramps 1.4 board.

BotMaker - BOM

M2 x 15mm - 6 (for the endstops)
M3 x 10mm - 33
M3 x 16mm - 20
M3 x 20mm - 9
M3 x 35mm - 2
M3 nuts - 26
M3 washers - aprox  10
M4x10mm - 27
T-nuts - 27
M5 nut - 2
M5 threaded rod x 240mm - 2
M8 smooth rods:
                260mm -2
                200mm -2
                215mm -2
LM8UU - 10
F623 bearings - 17
GT2 belt aprox. 940mm
GT2 pulley -2
Nema 17 - 5
Endstop - 3 (OMRON D2F)
Springs -4
MK7 drive gear - 1
Bowden tube - aprox. 400mm
Hotend - 1
Fan  - 1
Pneumatic push-fit  4mm - 2
                310mm - 4
                220mm - 2
                180mm - 5
Extrusion brackets - 16 (each one needs two M4x8mm and two t-nuts )
Printed Parts:
Hotend holder - 1
Hotend fan holder  - 2
X end right -1
X end left - 1
X carriage - 1
Y idler - 1
Y idler+endstop -1
Y motor -1
Y carriage - 1
Extruder body -1
Z motor holder left -1
Z motor holder right - 1
Z top holder left -1
Z top holder right -1
Z couplings - 4

Laser cut parts - 5mm material.
X motor support - 1
Print bed - 1
Y bed - 1
Case: front, left, right, back and top - one of each.

I think that's all for now. 

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Lisbon Mini Maker Faire

    Last weekend Lisbon had its first maker faire (mini), and I was able to attend to the show!

    It was fun, good to meet some persons in personal and to find out about some of the interesting projects being developed in Portugal.

    Here is the website of the event :
    and you can see more details about the projects here on their blog :

    Enjoy some photos of the show bellow, and hope next year it grown in size and keeps the great quality!


The first stand I visit was BeeVeryCreative, with its BEETHEFIRST printer. Their printer was recently awarded Best Consumer and Prosumer Printer at the London3D Printshow 2014, and besides the fact of them being a Portuguese company I really appreciate their design, and the fact that their always available for a conversation. Oh, and the black thing that kind looks like a rock its actually the case where the printers ships in and that you can use to travel with the printer.

Some of Portugal Fab Lab showed up in Lisbon and here is the Fab Lab Aldeias do Xisto, with some laser cuts puzzles.

One of the cool prints on display from the WitBox printer.

The WitBox printer on display  - a big yoda in the middle being printed.


There was also this huge 3D Printer, sorry I forgot to ask for its dimensions(!), but it was big and it was on Leds and Chips stand. Their stand was busy and besides their printers they also had cool electronics projects on display.

Another cool project on display was  CSEduino, a very low cost DIY Arduino like board that costs 3.5€.
Check out the project:

One cool system that I had the chance to check out was Mecaduino. I have to say that I was impressed by the clean looks of this modular assembly system.

Note that you can use two ways to make components move. One is with a wheel directly on the aluminium extrusion, the other is to insert a 5mm smooth rod into the aluminium slot and use a "v" wheel on the smooth rod. I really like that the same system has this two possibilities.

Cool boards hand made by Beards on Boards. They where making some live at the faire.

This two printers have a stainless steel structure and come in different set-ups.

ETConcept ha this big machine that is a really multifunction. It prints, does laser cutting and cnc milling. It is more business focused but it seems an interesting approach to make the most of a mechanical system.

I really enjoied the show, hope you like some of the photos. Cheers