Sunday, 8 December 2013

First post!

Hi everyone and welcome!

This blog will be the space where I will share some of my experiments with 3d printing and to start I will share the first view on the RepRap Printer I´m developing: RepRap Tuga, or RT for short.

First of all it does not print yet (!) but it will one of these days.

It is being designed to have a printing area of aprox. 180x400x250mm and have a static motor arrangement.
Currently the firmware is still being adapted by Repetier developer and its drive system 4 on the development version of Repetier Firmware.

Here is a tiny video of one of the first move testing:

I will keep on posting the developments on this project as soon as there are some more!

Edit: A little more info about it:,289330

Edit 2: The design is now publish at OpenBuilds: